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T.R. Risk has been designing custom furniture and building unique environments for his elite clientele across the US and abroad since the early 1990's. He was ahead of the trend in his passion for sustainability after seeing the long-vacant barns that began scattering the landscape of the Brandywine Valley where he was raised. During a weekend home from college he tore down a barn and was given the lumber as his pay.


After several stints of this throughout his college days, he came home to an amass of salvaged lumber and began to build his first piece of furniture. And so, began his career into becoming one of the most sought-after furniture artists in America.  

Each piece of furniture is a thoughtful take on the remains of what it once the beauty within becomes something much more than an object for function- it is art in its purest form.  Risks furniture + art is timeless and incorporates itself into homes, sanctuaries, museums, schools and our hearts.  

"TR is the most transitional artist I have ever come across- from furniture to paintings to sculpture to paper, he is able to create something of true form and beauty out of seemingly nothing.  He is the true definition of an artist."




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